Where We Came from

Venture was established in 2006 as a project management company providing mentoring and support services to the Education sector. Our focus was to help close the gap between school based training programs and industry skills requirements. Our charter was to assist students to make the transition to employment through the take up of apprenticeships and traineeships. Initially engaged to set up in school programs our services quickly expanded to facilitating work experience, providing career advice to students and parents not on an academic pathway and helping students navigate their employment relationships.

In 2008 Venture extended it's project delivery reach through the delivery of the Doorways to Civil Construction for the Civil Contractors Federation. The Doorways to Civil Construction called for the rollout of an RTO based civil construction training program in 40 schools in 10 regions across Queensland supporting 120 senior students (see past projects). Venture's successful delivery of the Doorways to Civil Construction firmly established it as a premium supplier of services to the Education Sector.

By 2010 Venture had continued to grow. While continuing to deliver the Doorways to Construction program Venture added Skilling Queenslanders for Work projects to it's portfolio. Developing and Delivering the Cape York Corrections initiative which supported indigenous inmates into careers in the civil construction sector upon release, more projects quickly followed and by 2011 Venture had developed 5 more SQW programs. The Venture into Painting "Brush Girls", Venture into Civil Construction, Venture into Refrigeration, and the Venture into Health care demonstrated that Venture's delivery model could be applied across industries.

2011 also saw Venture add DEEWR funded IEP programs to it's portfolio. The Venture into Roofing program was developed by Venture to assist Indigenous Job seekers engage in the construction industry roofing sector in the wake of Cyclone Yasi that devastated North QLD in 2011. Venture was also engaged to provide Project Management services to the Defence Indigenous Development Program. Venture oversaw the successful delivery of the 2011 program and was appointed the lead contractor by DEEWR for the 2012 program (see featured projects)

Where We're Going

In 2012 Venture continues to grow, expanding it's services to the business community by offering Bookkeeping Services, Website Services, Training Services and Project Management.

Venture has repositioned itself as a Business Services Company providing essential business services to local industry. The opening of this new chapter is an exciting time for the team here at Venture as we continue to write our history. We look forward as we have for the past 6 years to continue to be of service to our local community.